Kentucky Tax Sales – 2014

Kentucky is a tax lien state. The redemption period is one year and the maximum rate of return is 12%. The lien holder can pay subsequent taxes that will also receive 12% interest per annum. Procedures for this state are unusual. Tax sales are referred to as “tax bill sales,” because they are actually selling the tax bill. Practicing thorough due diligence in this state is imperative for successful investing. Please refer to each county for specific bidding procedures.

Tax Sale Resources is producing lists for Kentucky six weeks in advance of the official sale date as released by the Department of Revenue. This is due to the different bidding procedures. Keep an eye on the state calendar for all upcoming tax sales


All current tax sale lists are featured here We are expecting availability of the following lists this week: Jefferson, Shelby, Breckenridge, and Bourbon.

For more information, please visit or contact us at

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