Upcoming Tax Sales – Spring 2014

As we head into a very busy spring for tax sales, TSR would like to keep you informed about which states have upcoming sales! Please click on the links to view additional information about each state.

  • Maryland: This is a tax lien state. Interest rates vary greatly by county. The redemption period is six months. Specific bidding procedures vary by county as well. Although, the one consistent bidding procedure is that every county is bid up/premium. http://www.taxsaleresources.com/NewsAndUpdate.aspx?state_id=23
  • New Jersey: This is a tax lien state. The interest rate is 18% per annum and the redemption period is two years. There is also a penalty to the interest. The penalty is from 2-6% depending on the certificate amount, and is only paid on the certificate amount, not on subsequent tax payments. http://www.taxsaleresources.com/NewsAndUpdate.aspx?state_id=33
  • Georgia: This is a redeemable deed state. Deeds are sold within a one year right of redemption and a 20% penalty for the first year or fraction thereof. After the first year, the deed purchaser is entitled to an additional 10% penalty for each subsequent year or fraction of a year until the lien is redeemed. http://www.taxsaleresources.com/NewsAndUpdate.aspx?state_id=12
  • Florida (lien sales): This is both a tax lien and deed state. Although, the lien sales are coming up in May-June. Tax lien sales are referred to as tax certificate sales and are the responsibility of the county tax collector. The maximum interest rate is 18% and the redemption period is two years. The interest is bid down in ¼% intervals. http://www.taxsaleresources.com/NewsAndUpdate.aspx?state_id=11
  • Iowa: This is a tax lien state. It has the second highest interest rate of all the tax lien states and the interest is not bid down at the tax sale. The interest rate is 2% per month (24% per annum) with a fraction of a month counting as a whole month. The redemption period is two years. With an unusual bidding procedure, the percent of ownership in the property is bid down. http://www.taxsaleresources.com/NewsAndUpdate.aspx?state_id=18
  • Kentucky: The commonwealth of Kentucky is a tax lien state. Tax sales are the responsibility of the county sheriff’s office. The interest rate is 12% per annum and the redemption period is one year. The lien holder may pay subsequent taxes that will also receive interest of 12% per annum. http://www.taxsaleresources.com/NewsAndUpdate.aspx?state_id=20
  • Montana: In this state, they sell both tax liens and tax deeds. Tax liens are available by assignment on a “first come first serve” basis. A “tax sale certificate” is issued to the purchaser. The interest rate on tax liens is 10% per annum and there is also a 2 % penalty. The redemption period is three years. http://www.taxsaleresources.com/NewsAndUpdate.aspx?state_id=29

For more information or to see a complete list of current tax sales, please visit http://www.taxsaleresources.com/lists.aspx. Feel free to contact us at support@taxsaleresources.com if you have any questions or special requests.

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